Death at Dawn

Date Published: July 22, 2015

Giles Etherington, is shot in the morning of August 12th (the glorious 12th). Do the reasons for his death hinge on his personal life, his political allegiances, or his past? His wife is Edith Horton’s best friend and Edith, along with Inspector Greene and Sergeant Brown, finds herself, once again, immersed in crime and mystery in her Yorkshire dales village



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I liked the mystery in this novel. I liked that the author gave us multiple leads to follow along with Edith and the Inspector and Sergeant. I liked that it wasn’t the only crime we were following as well.

Edith has a way of getting herself involved in these situations and I think she is very fun to read about. She is a great female lead.

The pacing and plot were both very well developed and I enjoyed watching it all unfold. 

Noreen is the author of three crime mystery novels in the Edith Horton series and the fourth is now ready for submission. She is a freelance journalist who has had many articles and features published. She lives on a dairy farm with her husband and dog, Vicky.


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Twitter: Noreen Wainwright @farmerwainwrigh


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