Legend of Song de Light


Guest Post
an inside sensory view of all-time by Kaitlynzq
nature’s vital heart beats
lyrics of lovecontu

a stream of words

ballads of adoryu

gentle breezes


emanates from inside

soft, quiet pulses

In the series Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu
A series that interweaves interior elements from the stories together like gentle hugs to one’s heart from Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem, a vocal surround of unique instrumental notes from Legend of Song de Light audio book, layers of quiet a cappella from inside of Legend of Song de Light audio play, to petal soft pink glows that hum throughout the hours held within Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set.
The following links will guide you to the audio streams of the vocal recording of the extended and expanded upon scenes for several of the characters of moments within the sensory imagery in Legend of Song de Light audio book, and Legend of Song de Light audio play.
For the audio version on my audio streams:
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Reviews for Legend of Song de Light audio book
“…This stunningly original composition is heartbreaking yet uplifting and not to be missed…” by Lynda with Books Direct https://www.booksdirectonline.com
“Kaitlynzq puts together a magnificent “song” with her words of Legend of Song de Light…The music in the background was chosen perfectly as it almost danced around her words…” by Amy with Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews http://writeramyshannon.wixsite.com/bookshelfreviews
“Wonderful imagery and compelling tales!…Kaitlynzq’s storytelling technique in Legend of Song de Light is quite unique. …There is an artistic take on fiction, heightened by the effects of poetry, photography and ballet expressed in each tale…” by Marie with Writing in the Modern Age http://marielavender.blogspot.com
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A Divided Mind


 photo A DIVIDED MIND_FC_highres_TTP_zpskwmgphvf.jpg

Domestic Thriller
Date Published: July 27, 2019
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What if the only friend you have isn’t real? 
When the voices in his head begin to make sense, high school senior Branson Kovac turns to the one friend he’s still got… only to discover he’s not really there.
I was identifying the other parts of Kermit’s anatomy when tick boy tapped me again on the shoulder.
“What?” I glared at him and he backed away. That sudden jolt of anger triggered the shadow people. I shook my head, but it was still there. I saw a shadow of a person pick up the scalpel and attack tick boy with exact precision, cutting him across the throat. The only color I could see was red.
About the Author:
M. Billiter is the alter ego of contemporary, award-winning romance author, Mary Billliter.
After writing more than a dozen love stories, she is exploring the other side. Best known for her emotional honesty, Mary doesn’t write about well-adjusted people, but rather the wounds in life.
M. Billiter writes with clarity and raw emotion to explore difficult subjects and issues close to her heart.
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Shoes on the Stairs


 photo ShoesontheStairs_cover11 2 1_zpsndefkcht.jpg

Women’s Fiction
Date Published: 7/27/2019
Publisher: Acorn Publishing
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Claire Blackwell can’t find that damn white light. Thanks to a mishap at an intersection, she’s dead and stuck somewhere between Heaven and what seems like Hell as she is forced to watch her husband and children unravel without her. While she struggles to find answers for her limbo state, her family begins to see her, offering what she believes, is a gift of second chances.
As she navigates through this new, untouchable world and the challenges it creates, she is forced to face some sad and potentially dangerous truths. Determined, she works to mend her relationship with her family, but her stubborn teenage son refuses to acknowledge her, and when tensions escalate with his long-time bully, her inability to control the physical world around her leaves her fearing for her family’s safety. With her time running out, she must find a way to save them before the progress she has made is lost and she fades from this world forever.
About the Author:

 photo photo 4_zpsa9yfmzld.jpg

Jan Steele grew up in the burbs of Chicago and after thirty-two years of shoveling snow, moved to Southern California with her husband and children. She has taught everything from Kindergarten through high school but found her passion for writing years later while living as an expat in Asia for four years. She’s a contributing author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Miracles and More (2018), shares a blog with her sister-in-law, and is an MFA student at UC Riverside. In addition to writing, she loves to travel, volunteer, watch college basketball and sunsets. She’s also passionate about shedding light on the lasting effects of bullying.
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Kicking Financial Ass



 photo 3D_zps6dlqgts6.jpeg

Personal Finance
Release Date: August 6, 2019
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Why wait until 65 to retire when you can start doing what you really want when you are in the prime of your life? Whether your dream is to start your own business, volunteer, or work less, Chris Dumont provides a blueprint to early retirement and the best advice on the stock market to gain control of your finances today.
After reading this book:
• You will learn how Chris went from being over $50,000 in debt to being debt-free, owning multiples properties, and a six-figure stock portfolio within four years.
• You will be more financially secure. Chris shows you how to pay off all your debts. Once you are debt-free, you can hit your savings goals.
• You will create a budget using an easy-to use-system, with savings and expenses automatically deducted.
• You will not spend hours managing your money. Once you set things up, managing your money will be so simple that you only focus on it once a month.
You will also learn:
• Being happier with less by spending on what makes you happy.
• How much money you need to retire. (Hint: It’s not as much as you think!)
• Car advice on whether you should lease, own, or buy.
• Negotiating salaries and raises and incorporate side hustles to increase your income.
• Common investing mistakes to avoid and easy-to-understand index funds with ETFs.
• Tax-advantaged accounts you should use and why for both Americans and Canadians.
• Real estate advice and whether you should rent or own.
• And much more!
Everything he shows you is…
You are covered by your emergency fund when you need it, from accidents to losing your job.
Start using the concepts he teaches in this book and retire in comfort in as few as 10 years.
Once retired, learn how to stay active and accomplish what you have always wanted.
What are you waiting for? Take control of your future today and start kicking financial ass!




Saving money is hard. We want to budget, but we spend more than we realize—or admit to ourselves. For most, money seems to come and go, and we are left wondering why we are in debt. Life gets in the way, and unexpected expenses pop up. At the same time, costs for education, housing, and healthcare tend to increase every year, outpacing the raises we receive. The media does not help either. We turn on the TV and are overwhelmed by the information that is available. We ask ourselves where to even start. Between investment accounts, budgeting, and what to invest in, there is a lot to take in. Not only that, but the media portrays happiness as being for sale, and modern life pressures us into overspending with new cars, new watches, and new iPhones. It is no wonder that it is hard to save. We keep postponing saving money until later, thinking once we get that promotion or raise then we can start.


I used to think this way, especially when I was younger. I remember buying a new MacBook Pro for school and spared no expense getting the 15-inch version with bumped up specs when I only needed the 13-inch base model. I upgraded my iPhone every year when my current iPhone still worked fine. I bought the latest and greatest TVs to keep up with technology. And, I spent countless hours looking at new cars when I could afford them the least. Fortunately, common sense reeled my car fantasies back in. This behavior did not mean that I was a bad person. In fact, most people live life this way.


Growing Up Without


As a child, my brother and I grew up with a single mom. Our dad left when we were young, so we did not have a lot. During the day, my mom worked multiple jobs to try and make ends meet. I remember on more than one occasion seeing my mom walk in the door with a box of food, knowing she had gone to the food bank. In school, I was picked on for having odd clothes and glasses because we could not afford what the other kids were wearing. Through it all, I thought that if only I had what the other kids had, then I would be popular, happy, and normal. My urge to impress others came from this. I thought if I worked hard and bought everything my mom could not afford, then I could impress others in school, be liked, and have more friends.


Why am I sharing such a personal story right off the bat? Because coming from nothing, I know how hard it is to get your life on track and how it is easy to feel frustrated, exhausted, scared, resentful, or guilty over your financial situation. My experience growing up also taught me that happiness is a state of mind and how the insecure boy wanting to keep up with everyone else to be happy was wrong. I only became happier when I was satisfied with what I had.


Growing up without money meant that I had an odd fixation on it. I did not have money to manage, and, therefore, I wanted it. For years, I dreamed of what it would be like to have money and believed that once obtained then I would finally be secure in myself and have something to offer others. This became a problem because my self-identity revolved around money and how insecure I felt not having it. Little did I realize that money should be the process of attaining more but not the end goal.


My life changing-moment came after graduating high school, when I decided to live with my dad for a year in the Philippines. While I was there, I saw little children with literally nothing, whose parents made less than $100 a month, running around in the streets laughing. I thought to myself, “How can they be happy? Here I am working hard at my job at McDonalds spending money on videogames and electronics, and these kids are happier than I am.” I needed to change my focus, so I studied how those children could be happier than most people I knew back in Canada, including myself. No longer was I trying to impress others. Relationships, volunteering, and making a difference in the world became my focus. The good news is that you can make those fundamental changes right now like I did.


Who Is This Book For?


I wrote this book to make a positive impact on others concerning financial security. It is written to teach a new way of thinking about money—to help readers learn the fundamental skills they need to become debt-free and retire comfortably. This book is for anyone, of any age and income, who wants to learn how to better save their money and change their mentality regarding their finances. The ideas in this book are not taught in the classroom, although they should be, and come from real-world experience. I have an undergrad in finance and an MBA and still had to learn everything from scratch.


I specifically wrote this book as a guide for my peers, Millennials. We tend to focus on experiences instead of financial security, mostly because we believe having both is not feasible. We may wonder why even try when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. The principles of this book, however, teach everyone the monetary fundamentals and demonstrate how financial security is achievable no matter where you come from.


Tackling Debt


The number one financial issue that faces society is debt. In December 2017, U.S. consumer debt hit $3.82 trillion. That is a lot of debt. Of this, $1.75 trillion are student loans, $1.25 trillion are auto loans, and $500 billion are credit cards. And, this does not include mortgages. Think about that for a second. This debt is about $11,660[i] per person including children. For a household of four, that is about $46,640. What is even more astonishing is the average U.S. household has a savings rate of 3.2%, which is near a 10-year low. As seen in the figure below, the country is headed in the wrong direction. Canadian consumers are doing a bit better but not by much.



If you are one of the 99% of the people out there, you fall somewhere on this financial spectrum:


  1. Retired comfortably with no money issues.
  2. Working, saving the maximum in tax-advantaged retirement accounts, and have no debt other than a mortgage.
  3. Same as above, but add car loans and/or student loans.
  4. Same as above, but not able to max out your tax-advantaged retirement accounts due to expenses.
  5. Same as above, but have credit card debt.
  6. Living paycheck to paycheck, cannot always make payments on time, and have a troubled credit history.
  7. Near bankruptcy, likely to lose the house and personal possessions, cannot find work, and debt is higher than your ability to pay back.


Your goal is to move up this spectrum, one rung at a time. My goal is to help you get climbing!


For full disclosure: I am in the #2 category with my goal of obtaining #1, which is a far cry from where I was growing up. What qualifies me to write a book about personal finance when I am not myself retired? Good question. First off, I started from the bottom with literally nothing. I was not born into a rich family. I had to work and claw my way up out of poverty.


Second, I am now debt-free, and believe me, it felt like a long road from being over $50,000 in debt and making mistakes along the way to now having a sizable six-figure retirement fund and owning multiple properties. It is all about saving, budgeting, investing in the market, using compound interest, and the time it takes for your money to work for you.


The truth is that for most people it is not one single event that puts them into debt but rather hundreds of small financial decisions every day—one transaction at a time, each swipe of the credit card, nothing that sets off alarm bells on its own. These small purchases add up over time, though. While my debt primarily came from a single life decision, I show you how changing my daily spending habits allowed me to pay back my debt and save a sizable amount in a short period of time.


The 14 chapters in Kicking Financial Ass, which are divided into four parts—Foundations, Growth, Investing, and Living Your Life—will transform your relationship with money, help you achieve your goals, and enable you to become financially independent. This is not a book about money as much as it is about changing your perspective on life.


By the end of this book, you will:


  • Spend less money and be happier.
  • Save more money.
  • Lower your debt and question every purchase.
  • Focus your time on what matters.
  • Overcome your past money mistakes and start investing for the future.
  • Save for retirement and retire earlier.
  • Discover what values you hold dear.


After reading this book, you will feel empowered to change your habits and routines, focus on debt reduction, and ultimately retire. You will feel free to travel the world, take multiple vacations a year, and live life how you want to and feel secure in your financial future. Many of us never received financial training in school. Most, if not all of us, had to learn it on our own. This book is a short-cut to teach you everything you need to know.

[i] $3.82 trillion divided by US population estimate https://www.census.gov/popclock/

About the Author

 photo Author Photo_zpstrwx0nk0.jpeg

Chris Dumont is the founder of MoneySensei.com, a personal finance hub that helps people become debt-free.
For nearly a decade, he has worked in finance learning both inside and outside the classroom the fundamentals of personal finance. Chris holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Ontario and a Bachelor of Commerce from the Alberta School of Business with a major in Finance. He completed his CFA designation in 2016.
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Kill Switch


 photo Kill_Switch_Vaughn_zps8vlpqgny.jpg

Psychological Crime Thriller
Date Published: July 26, 2019 (preorder available now at 99 cents)
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Marco Lumachi is a professional hitman. His name is not Donovan North, and he’s not a detective transferring from New York City to Landstaff Junction, Vermont. But the whole town thinks he is, and if he wants to stay alive, he needs them to keep believing that.
Because the real Donovan North — who happens to look a lot like Marco — was gunned down on the way to his new job, by a rival mob family who thinks they killed the hitman.
Forced to work on the right side of the law, Marco finds himself hunting down a serial killer who’s brutally murdered two women already. Worse, his new “partner” is beautiful, dedicated, and not buying a word of his cover story.
But the man he’s impersonating kept secrets of his own, and what Detective North was hiding could prove deadly … for Marco, and for the innocent women that the killer is still targeting.
 photo Kill Switch graphic 5_zpsmn11y1cj.jpg






New Heights Juvenile Detention Center — Bronx, NY


Seventeen years ago


I was out in the yard after another pathetic excuse for dinner, checking around to see if anyone had gotten a care package from home so I could muscle in on them and get something decent to eat, when I spotted the new guy over by the outside fence. And I couldn’t look away.


There must’ve been a hell of an expression on my face, because Jake Paladino came over and elbowed me, even though I’d punched him for less in the past. “Did you see a ghost, or what?” he wheedled, and then flinched away, clearly remembering too late that I didn’t appreciate being jabbed.


I let it go this time, though. I was too fascinated to be angry.


“Over there,” I told him with a bare nod toward the fence.


Jake followed my gesture, and the perfect bug-eyed jaw-drop that formed on his face almost made me laugh. He looked like a real-life cartoon. Wile E. Coyote, watching the rocket he’d just fired at the Road Runner bounce off a cliff and head back at him full speed.


“You got a brother I don’t know about?” Jake finally blurted.


I shook my head, my gaze not leaving the newcomer. Apparently it was true what they said: everybody has a lookalike somewhere in the world. And here was mine. The new guy was a mirror, a twin, a clone of me.


My doppelganger.


Jake shook off the shock first and started bouncing on the balls of his feet, a lunatic grin on his unfortunate face. The scrawny, twitchy kid who’d followed me around like a stray dog since the day I got locked up in this crap place claimed to be the son of a mobster, and swore he was going to introduce me to his father and bring me into the “family business” when we got out of here. But I only had a week left on my sentence, and Jake had six months on his. Plus, he was probably lying about his mob connections.


I was considering it, though. If nothing better came along before Jake got out of here, maybe I’d give the little weasel a chance to make good on his claims. Considering my talents, the mob might be a decent fit for my future.


Not that any of us in New Heights could have a real future. They called it a youth center, but it was really just a prison with brighter colors — and everybody knew that ex-cons were screwed. Even if they were just kids when they went in.


Nobody who came out of this place would ever be considered a child again.


“Jesus, look at him. Holy shit.” Jake giggled and almost nudged me again, but then he thought better of it at the last minute. “I bet he’s about to piss his pants over there. Hey, let’s fuck with him.” The jagged grin spread. “You know what? You could do anything, even in front of the security cameras, and just blame it on that guy. We should burn this place down or something. Oh, wait, how about we kill a guard?”


“No,” I said sharply. Sometimes Jake had to be corrected like a dog, and it was all I could do not to rub his nose in his own shit. “Leave him alone, for now.”


The new guy — my doppelganger — did look unsettled. But unlike Jake, I didn’t believe he was scared. Reserved, maybe. Hanging back, getting the lay of the land. His posture was guarded and self-protective, as if he was expecting some kind of abuse, and that could’ve been interpreted as fear. But I sensed something dark in him.


Or maybe I was only projecting my own darkness onto the spitting image of myself.


Jake lost interest in the other kid fast once I rebuked him. His face only fell for a few seconds, and then his smile bounced back. “Vince and them are trying to crowd the hoop again,” he said, pointing over at the rundown basketball half-court in the far corner of the yard, where four or five of the younger boys had begun a half-hearted game of Horse. “Want to scare them off?”


“Nah. I’m hungry,” I told him. “Go find somebody with a care package. I want good shit, nothing generic or homemade.”


Always happy to serve, Jake nodded vigorously and scuttled off. I watched him absently for a few seconds before I returned my attention to the new guy.


This time, my doppelganger was looking back. And there was no fear in him at all.


There was nothing in him.


It really was like looking in a mirror.


About the Author

 photo SWV_authorphoto_zpsgw7kithf.jpg

S.W. Vaughn lives in “scenic” Central New York, with its two glorious seasons — winter and road construction — along with her husband and son. An award-winning author, copywriter, and blogger, she’s been writing professionally for over 15 years.


Under Sonya Bateman, she is the author of the DeathSpeaker Codex series (urban fantasy) and the Gavyn Donatti series (urban fantasy / Simon & Schuster).
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Star Child


 photo StarChild_KindleCover_zpsxhw9jyik.jpg

Fantasy Adventure
Date Published: August 8, 2019
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
On her world, they call her star struck, but why do the stars beckon her so …
On a mining outpost in the Inner Worlds, a young woman dreams of the stars. When she falls in with a motley crew of bounty hunters seeking to avenge an injustice, Novi believes her dreams have come true. But her journey has just begun.
Led by the only man to bring the mightiest army in the sector to its knees, the crew is engaged in a wily cat and mouse game with the powerful Guild Coalition. With her new shipmates, Novi dodges space outlaws and greedy corporations, mingles with Synths and settlers, jumps the Star Portal Labyrinth and discovers a mysterious legacy bequeathed by the Gods. But each exhilarating adventure raises terrifying questions about her. Can Novi find the answers she seeks before time runs out for her?
Author’s Note: This fantasy adventure in the style of a swashbuckling space western is set on far away exotic worlds. Adventure, intrigue and action abound in this tale of a feisty young heroine embarking on the quest of a lifetime.
The murmur of voices heralded her approach. Forewarned, Novi was careful to crouch silently behind the hatch cover.
“We’ve searched Ventini’s cargo” the leader announced, down in the chamber. “Where’s the box?”
Novi’s heart gave a lurch. Could they be searching for Zufon Ventini’s intricately carved box, she wondered. The one with the energy waves that affected her so powerfully. Back in the duct, she was subject to its pernicious effects again. A night’s rest away from it had not dimmed the potency of whatever lay hidden in the strongbox.
In the Rec Chamber, Kidani looked confused by the leader’s question. But Novi sensed the pilot come to the same realization as her.
The leader addressed Kali, his demeanor subtly menacing. “No more games” he warned. “Where’s the strongbox?”
The pilot said nothing and Kidani rushed into speech. “We don’t know anything about a strongbox. Cap’n didn’t tell us about it.”
“I’m the chef and he’s the pilot” she reiterated, pointing at the RimWorlder. “We do our jobs, but we don’t know much about Cap’n’s affairs.”
“With you, I believe it” the leader agreed suavely. “But I know who your Captain is — the hero of the Five Year War. That tells me this RimWorlder here was one of his Renegades. He knows more than he’s telling us.”
The leader seems to know a lot about this Cruiser and the Captain. Who is he?
Kidani opened her mouth to respond but the leader ignored her to signal the man with the flasher. The henchman stepped forward to hold the weapon flush against Kali’s head.
Kidani made a small movement before checking herself.
Novi watched anxiously from behind the panel as the leader asked Kali. “One last time, RimWorlder. Where’s Ventini’s strongbox?”
Kali said nothing, the dark eyes glowering at the leader.
The slinger with the flasher raised it to hit the pilot but the leader stopped him with a raised hand, to direct him to Kidani instead.
Novi watched with her heart in her mouth as the man strode to the flame-haired girl to point his flasher at her, while the leader unstrapped his to hold it on Kali.
“The box or she dies” he said calmly to the RimWorlder.
In the eery blue glow of the emergency lights, Novi could see the terror on Kidani’s face, though the girl stayed still and mute.
“I don’t know where the box is, but occasionally, Cap’n hides certain valuables in the duct” Kali responded, subtly raising his voice. He hoped the stowaway would get the message. The duct was no longer safe for her to hide in.
“The maintenance duct?” the leader inquired.
The pilot nodded once, sharply.
Shyte. I must get out — they’ll be in the duct soon.
The leader reached for his Hailer. “Seto, check out the maintenance duct. There should be an access from the Bay.”
An alarmed Novi scrambled hastily, making for her old hiding place in the passage by the unoccupied chamber. Not a moment too soon, for she could hear voices cursing in the access passage from the Space Bay as the thugs poured into the duct.
 photo StarChild_TeaserC1_zpsz70zfvc7.jpg
 photo StarChild_TeaserD3_zpsj48h1z7c.jpg photo StarChild_Teaser-E2_zpsimyo75li.jpg

About the Author

 photo PetraLandon_Author_zpswcgfrxh2.jpeg

An avid reader all her life, only recently has Petra allowed her own imagination to run riot. She loves to travel and reads everything she can get her hands on. Her idea of a good read is one where the story and characters linger, long after the book has been set aside. She strives to write fantasy with vivid characters and elements of adventure, mystery and romance juxtaposed together, since those are the tales she has enjoyed the most over the years. To share the stories swirling in her imagination is a labor of love and a lifelong dream come true for Petra.
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Return to White Catcliff


 photo Return To White Catcliff_zpsiucrtxwh.jpg

Fantasy Fiction
Date Published: May 2019
Publisher: IVX Books
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Return to White Catcliff is Inna Val Helm’s debut novel presented by an unforgettable cast of characters. Fantasy and reality merge amid elements of anthropomorphism, eternal life, and dimensional existence.
It tells the story of thirtysomething Nick Taylor and his black Lab, BD, who stumble upon a convenience store robbery in a suburb of present-day Chicago and are left for dead. They awaken to find themselves in the tranquil village of White Catcliff, where inhabitants faced certain death immediately prior to arrival.
The antagonist is VEIL (Volunteer Eleemosynary Institute and League), which presents as a humanitarian organization, but its true agenda is steeped in pillage and plunder. Nick’s mission is to stop its proliferation. This means he must not only leave his new home, but of greater consequence, he must travel alone, leaving his best friend behind.
Return to White Catcliff is a smartly crafted novel, artfully illustrated, humorous at times, dark at others, and always thought-provoking.
 photo Return To White Catcliff on ipad and iphone_zpszvziocux.png
About the Author

 photo Return To White Catcliff Author Inna Val Helm_zps2diezcbv.jpg

Inna Val Helm has served as a trial consultant and linguistic translator in various venues, and her resulting familiarity with courtrooms and legal proceedings is evident throughout certain passages and illustrative images of Return to White Catcliff.
The writer’s own vivid out-of-body experience inspired said novel and is largely responsible for its conceptual content. Helm’s creation of the nemesis, VEIL (Volunteer Eleemosynary Institute and League), is loosely based upon the world’s political climate over the past eighty years.
A student of the mind, Inna Val Helm has studied the human and animal psyche and related philosophy across Europe as well as the eastern seaboard of the United States, resulting in a litany of fully developed characters.
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The Qunoset in Tutujan


 photo The Quonset in Tutujan_zpsqsf37tmd.jpg

Historical Romance
Date Published: October 2018
Publisher: Xlibris
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
The Quonset in Tutujan is the sequel to A Mansion on the Moon, the story of transition through three wars — from a Spanish colony to an American territory before and after Japanese occupation in World War II — following the lives of three native Chamorro women, a teenager, her illegitimate daughter, and her granddaughter, and the men who loved them. For Vivian, the granddaughter, who falls for an American naval officer well above her station, the impossible becomes possible. Despite tremendous obstacles, he returns to Guam to search for and marry her. And to take to New York to meet his wealthy conservative family.
Other Books by C. Sablan Gault:
 photo A Mansion on the Moon_zpszvcygbho.jpg
A Mansion on the Moon: A Guam Love Story
 Publisher: Author Lair
The lives of Amanda de Leon, her daughter Sylvia, and granddaughter Vivian unfold during the turbulent years in Guam between the Spanish-American War and World War II. Amanda falls for an American sailor who leaves her with child. Sylvia, the illegitimate half-breed, grows up in shame but finds love with Constantino Camacho. Their daughter Vivian vows not to make her grandmother’s mistake. Then Philip Averyenters her life. He isanavy lieutenant, handsomeand wealthy, like a storybook mansion, but as distant from Vivian’s racial and cultural reality as the moon. Despite their differences, Philip falls for Vivian, but tragedy and the war intervene.
 photo The Quonset in Tutujan set on ipads_zps0ckcqq8g.jpg
About the Author

 photo The Quonset in Tutujan Author C. Sablan Gault_zps1jdsfhn9.jpg

Catherine Sablan Gault worked as a reporter for a Guam newspaper then served as press secretary and communications director for a Guam governor, legislator, and Guam’s delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. She retired in 2008 and wrote her novels for the fun of it.
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Stories I Can’t Show My Mother


 photo Stories I Canrsquot Show My Mother_zps3tv4iqjk.jpg

Literature, Fiction, Short Stories
Date Published: March 2019
Publisher: Napili Press
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
In Stories I Can’t Show My Mother, bat girl receives love voodoo from Needle Man, a woman finagles a direct deposit at a sperm bank, a modern-day Lady Godiva triggers a hot police investigation into a cold case, an astronaut plots to kidnap her former lover’s girlfriend, an escort’s famous client falls for her, and a woman recovering from a breakup has a mile-high quickie with a stranger. These flirty, playful stories explore sexuality and sensuality, taking you to places your mother never wanted you to discover.
 photo Stories I Canrsquot Show My Mother on ipad and iphone_zps99atcsez.png
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Ann Tinkham is a writer based in Boulder, Colorado. She is an anti-social butterfly, pop-culturalist, virtual philosopher, ecstatic dancer, political and java junkie. When she’s not tinkering with words, she’s seeking adventures. Ann has talked her way out of an abduction and talked her way into the halls of the United Nations. She hitchhiked up a mountain in Switzerland and worked her way down the corporate ladder. Ann has flown on a trapeze and traded on the black market in Russia. She cycles up steep canyons, hikes to glacial lakes and mountain peaks, and blazes her own ski trails. As soon as she amasses a fortune, she plans to buy an island and hopes she won’t be voted off her own island.
Her fiction and essays have appeared in All Things Girl, Apt, Denver Syntax, Edifice Wrecked, Foliate Oak, Hiss Quarterly, Lily Literary Review, Short Story Library, Slow Trains, Stone Table Review, Synchronized Chaos, The Adirondack Review, The Battered Suitcase, The Citron Review, The Literary Review, Toasted Cheese, Wild Violet, Word Riot, and others. Ann’s essay, “The Tree of Hearts” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and her story, “Afraid of the Rain” was nominated for Sundress’s Best of the Net Anthology.
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Curtains for Romeo



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Coastal Playhouse Mysteries #1
Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Archer Mysteries
Date Published: July 9, 2019
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Acting jobs are scarce now for former TV teen detective Antigone Alden. So when a teaching position opens up at Southern Coastal University, Tig packs up her teenage daughter and heads home to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
The house she inherited from her mother isn’t entirely empty, however. Her mom seems stuck between this life and the next, and now Tig is a local reporter’s prime suspect in the murder of the former theater professor. Given his reputation as ladies’ man, there are plenty of people with a motive.
Tig isn’t a detective. She just played one on TV. Will that be enough to help her find the killer?


I loved the way the author presented this story. It has just enough cute and heartwarming to make you cozy, while also giving you plenty to think about over the course of the book. I adored these characters, they were the star of the show for sure. When you sit down to read a book like this, you sit down to get lost for a bit and I think this story lent to that perfectly.
Jessa Archer had such a wonderful voice that really shined through the words of the story. I loved the wit and humor woven in over the course of the story.
Don’t miss this story, you’ll definitely want to join Tig on this adventure.
About the author:

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Jessa Archer writes sweet, funny, warm-hearted cozy mysteries because she loves a good puzzle and can’t stand the sight of blood. Her characters are witty, adventurous, and crafty in the nicest way. You’ll find her sleuths hand lettering inspirational quotes, trying to lower golf handicaps, enjoying a scone at a favorite teashop, knitting a sweater, or showing off a dramatic side in local theater.
Jessa’s done many things in her long career, including a stint as a journalist and practicing law. But her favorite job is spinning mysteries. She loves playing small-town sleuth and transporting readers to a world where the scones are delicious, wine pairs with hand lettering, and justice always prevails.
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