Evolution Continues by William Meisel – Publicist @MKWebsiteandSEO – Tour by @RABTBookTours

A Human-Computer Partnership

Nonfiction / AI

Date Published: April 13, 2022

MindStir Media


Human evolution has always been about our tools, and computer technology is
the most impactful tool humans have ever invented. Today, digital technology
drives everything from PCs to mobile phones, from thermostats to
automobiles. We search the Web for a wide variety of information,
entertainment, and services. Rapidly growing computer power drives
breakthrough technology such as Artificial Intelligence, with more to

That increasing power has created a resulting trend of connecting with
computers using human language-“talking to computers”-with
smartphone personal digital assistants leading this trend. This
conversational connection to growing computer power will accelerate a
human-computer partnership that impacts what it means to be human. This book
examines the full impact of these trends, including computers essentially
becoming workers supporting a growing population beyond retirement

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