War in the Hearts of Men by Eli Coberly #blogtour #review #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours

Transformational; Spiritual

Release Date: September 21, 2022

Publisher: Acorn Publishing


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In War in the Hearts of Men, Eli Coberly details his lifelong quest to
understand the Maya culture and its impact on the present. The author shares
his discovery of the artistry of stone-carved symbols on the heels of his
extensive travels to both Central and South America. In this intimate and
inspirational text, Coberly contrasts contemporary life with the past as he
explores spiritual rituals that formed the framework of the ancient Maya
culture. War in the Hearts of Men, which identifies and interprets the
historical ideologies that suppressed the feminine, displayed the cultural
imbalances caused by rampant colonialism, and resulted in the subjugation of
Native populations over many centuries, furthers the journey of
enlightenment sought by those wise enough to learn from the past.



This is a story that really goes back into history and rethinks some thing you may think you know. It’s a new look, new ideas, and very inventive and imaginative. Past and present collide and Coberly does a great job of making his reader really THINK.

About the Author

Eli Coberly is a world traveler and seeker of truth through adventure. At seventeen, he left his small Pacific Northwest town to fulfill his dream of becoming an Army paratrooper. At twenty, he was honorably discharged and began his search for a new dream.
Eli’s writing has taken him worldwide to explore a few of the bigger questions of our human existence, and his prophetic worldview combines military service, counterculture, and the anthropology and archeology of the world’s religious symbols. He has studied the migration of the indigenous and ingested their medicine, absorbed their art, and embodied their cosmovision.
A yoga therapist, Eli has been a student of yoga for over a decade. When he isn’t writing or practicing yoga, Eli can be found examining Tibetan Buddhist tradition, sitting in ceremony with Maya priests, and traversing caves deep in the Belize jungle. He currently resides in Northern California.


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One thought on “War in the Hearts of Men by Eli Coberly #blogtour #review #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours

  1. Congratulations on your release of War in the Hearts of Men, Eli, I enjoyed following the tour and learning about your book, which sounds like a fascinating read for me to share with my dad! Good luck with your book and I hope the tour was a success! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a splendid day!


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